Office of Contracting and Procurement

Notice of Intent to Award Sole Source Contracts

In keeping with the District of Columbia’s commitment to transparency in contracting and increased competition, the Office of Contracting and Procurement now provides a Notice of Intent to Award Sole Source Contracts. All notices are posted for ten (10) days prior to the award of a sole source contract. If you believe that an intended sole source award noted below is not justified, please provide your response to the email address for the point of contact for that proposed award by the response due date.
Notice Date Response Due Date Caption and Description Vendor Name Agency Point of Contact
10/18/2018 10/28/2018 The District of Columbia Office of Contracting and Procurement, on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) (the “District”) has a continuing need for a Contractor to provide Axon Body Worn Camera systems, to include warranty, maintenance and support; and shall also provide trade-in for current body cameras. These services are provided currently through a contract between the District of Columbia Government and TASER International, Inc. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has determined that the TASER Axon Body Camera System best meets its needs because it provides an all-in-one solution including: two camera models and accessories; automated docking stations that upload video and charge simultaneously; and, of significant importance, a data management system that allows MPD to manage and share digital evidence without needing local storage infrastructure or software. The TASER solution uniquely offers the capability for Officers to tag videos using a mobile application, allowing them to remain in the field. The TASER solution provides the MPD with cloud based data storage through Using, the Department has already stored tens of thousands of videos. The Department would incur significant cost to transfer and store this data with another provider. TASER International, Inc. is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the TASER Digital Evidence Solution. TASER is also the sole developer and Offeror of the data management services. is both a division of TASER and a data management product solution offered by TASER. is not a separate corporate entity. TASER International, Inc. Determination & Findings Metropolitan Police Department
10/17/2018 10/27/2018 The District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) is contracting with Marianne Becket to provide trauma informed treatment to include Neurofeedback and/or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to address complex trauma and attachment issues or disorders to CFSA involved children and families. Marianne Becker Determination & Findings Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA)
10/10/2018 10/20/2018 The Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”) is seeking a ridesharing company that can provide on-demand transportation throughout Washington, D.C. and if necessary, the Washington, D.C. suburbs. The service would be for employees of the agency’s Office of Community Engagement, Civil Litigation Division and the Restorative Justice and Victims’ Services Section. Lyft, Inc. Determination & Findings Office of the Attorney General
10/9/2018 10/19/2018 Construction Supporting Services for Rehabilitation of Anacostia Freeway Bridges over Nicholson St SE (Bridge Nos. 1001 (Ramp 6), 1002 (Ramp 4) Prime AE Group, Inc. (PRIME) Determination & Findings District Department of Transportation

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