Office of Contracting and Procurement

Notice of Intent to Award Sole Source Contracts

In keeping with the District of Columbia’s commitment to transparency in contracting and increased competition, the Office of Contracting and Procurement now provides a Notice of Intent to Award Sole Source Contracts. All notices are posted for ten (10) days prior to the award of a sole source contract. If you believe that an intended sole source award noted below is not justified, please provide your response to the email address for the point of contact for that proposed award by the response due date.
Notice Date Response Due Date Caption and Description Vendor Name Agency Point of Contact
6/11/2018 6/21/2018 The District of Columbia (District), Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP) on behalf of the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) has a continued need for a Provider to provide educational and residential treatment services for youth who are pre-adjudicated or adjudicated in the District of Columbia’s juvenile justice system in lieu of confinement at the Glen Mills School. Glen Mills School Determination & Findings Department of Youth and Rehabilitative Services
6/11/2018 6/21/2018 The District of Columbia Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP), on behalf of The District of Columbia Office of Planning (DCOP) sought a consultant to assist DCOP with drafting a food policy report to be submitted to the Mayor and City Council of the District of Columbia. ICF Macro, Inc. Determination & Findings District of Columbia Office Of Planning (DCOP)
6/11/2018 6/21/2018 24 Aluminum Hulled Air Boat with a Trailor Midwest Rescue Airboats (MRA) Determination & Findings Department of Public Works Tonia.Nixon@DC.Gov
6/8/2018 6/18/2018 Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) have an urgent need for mentoring services. The Contractor shall provide one on one mentoring services for D. W., a client currently in CFSA’s care. The contractor shall provide one on one mentoring services that includes, engaging in activities that the youth enjoys, expose youth to various community activities, as well as provide one on one life coaching skills. J.U.M.P Determination & Findings Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA)
6/8/2018 6/18/2018 Medicare Eligibility Enhancement Initiative • The District of Columbia (District) Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) has a minimum need for a Contractor to implement and operate a State Level Repository (SLR) in support of the Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program (MEIP). • The Contractor shall be required to provide a web-based platform, including a provider and administrative (state) portal, to receive and process Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program applications and attestations in accordance with all relevant laws, rules, and requirements of the DC and Federal government. The Contractor also shall have prior experience assisting or currently contracted to assist a US State Medicaid Agency with the development of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) EHR Incentive Program and have experience successfully developing interfaces with CMS Registration and Attestation System (R&A) and a Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS). Lastly, the Contractor shall commit to an implementation plan that does not exceed forty-five (45) days. The implementation plan shall include integrating the current or previous State Level Registry’s data into the new Contractors State Level Repository to allow providers to successfully attest in Program Year 2017 and beyond; and ensure that all the required and relevant data is securely transferred in an organized and phased approach. • The statement of work includes the development of an implementation and transition plan from the previous SLR vendor to the new vendor solution; several states in similar circumstances have indicated that this task is difficult and requires a highly specialized skillset. This plan includes organizing, mapping and digesting historical data in a meaningful manner, a task that HTS has completed for other states, including the Alabama Medicaid Agency. HTS has successfully transitioned Alabama’s data from the same Commercial Off-the-Shelf system utilized by DHCF in the previous SLR procurement to their new solution in a 45-day timeframe. HTS’s prior experience with successful historical data transition will help DHCF and its providers quickly, which is essential to the program. • South Carolina and Wyoming have also engaged in Sole Source contracts with HTS. Both states extensively vetted HTS and their prior history in the industry and concluded they were the only Contractor that could complete such technical work in a short time-frame. South Carolina and Wyoming agree that HTS provides a cost efficient and user-friendly product and a fast implementation phase that takes approximately forty-five (45) days to implement. This quick implementation phase will allow the District to continue to foster valuable relationships with providers and attract other providers to the program. The greater the number of providers participating in the District MEIP, the greater the number of incentives awarded for successful provider participation, which can be invested in technology to help providers and patients.• Awarding this time-limited contract to any vendor other than HTS would necessitate an unreasonable stoppage in services of a minimum 4-6 months during the extended implementation phase. Such a potential delay is unacceptable to the 150 Medicaid providers expected to attest to the program in 2018. DHCF would need to seek an additional extension from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for the MEIP deadlines to accommodate the prolonged implementation phase. If the CMS extension is not granted, providers could be at risk for not participating in the District’s MEIP for this program year, resulting in a loss of $8500 each or over $1,250,000 for District Medicaid providers. We predict that many providers will exit the program if faced with those burdens. HealthTech Solutions, LLC. Determination & Findings Department of Health Care Finance

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