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Customer Survey Form

Instructions: Please click the buttons next to the attributes that most closely describe your experience when visiting OCP. Your comments are encouraged. The information requested in item 6 is optional. If you wish to have a print copy, please make the copy prior to submitting your survey. All responses are confidential.

Please indicate the OCP office or division that you visited:    
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Purpose of your visit:
1. Are you satisfied with the outcome of your visit? Yes No
If No, please describe your experience and why you are unsatisfied:
2. Were the OCP employees that you saw today:
               Courteous           Yes No
               Knowledgeable    Yes No
               Professional        Yes No
If No, or if you selected less than three attributes, please describe your experience:
3. Overall, how would you rate your visit to OCP?
Outstanding   Above Satisfactory   Satisfactory   Somewhat Satisfactory   Poor
If you selected Outstanding or Poor, please describe why.
4. Please indicate how OCP could improve to better meet your requirements.
OCP could improve customer service by:
All responses to this survey are confidential.

The following items are optional:

5. You are: DC Employee   General Public
6. The person with whom you met today is: