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Solicitation: DCKA-2018-B-0025
Caption: DC PLUG Feeder 308 Undergrounding of Power Line
Subcontracting Requirement:  
Status: Closed

System date: 2/22/2020
System time: 3:52:36 am

NIGP Code: 9132700
NIGP Description: Construction, Highway and Road
Market Type: set aside
Work Site Location: Ward 3
Solicitation Type: IFB
Sol. Pick-Up Location:
Solicitation Fee (Non-Refundable) -- Board Number:

Issuance Date: 2/15/2018 Contact: Joyce Timmons
Original/Closing Date: 5/24/2018 Agency: DDOT
Closing Time: 5/24/2018 2:00:00 pm Phone: (202) 671-2272
Last Changed: Fax: (202) 671-1210
Modified Opening/Closing Date: Email:


Work under this contract consists of Civil Infrastructure Construction for DC PLUG Feeder No. 308 located in Ward 3. The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the following major improvements: A. The removal and disposal of existing roadway pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalks, and trees, and milling of existing asphalt pavement to the extents shown on plans. B. The installation of Pepco supplied materials such as PVC and fiberglass conduits, precast and cast-in-place manholes, precast tapholes, precast transformer enclosures, precast transformer pads, and other related items and components. C. The furnishing and installation of concrete for ductbank encasement. D. The furnishing and installation of thermal fill for ductbank encasement at transmission feeder crossings. E. The furnishing and installation of concrete and reinforcing steel for cast-in-place manhole construction. F. Excavation and backfilling of all utility cuts. G. Temporary restoration of all utility cuts. H. Permanent restoration of all utility cuts. I. Restoration of all pavement markings disturbed by the utility cut and pavement restoration work. J. Pavement profiling (milling) and overlay of utility cuts in accordance with DDOT standards. K. Installation of topsoil, seed, and mulch on all disturbed earth and grass areas. L. Installation of replacement curb (any type), curb and gutter (any type), and sidewalk (any type) sections. M. The installation and use of erosion and sediment control measures as required. N. Dust control during pavement sawcutting and excavation operations. O. Mobilization and demobilization, completion of field layout, provision and maintenance of engineer's field facilities, progress photographs, rodent control, and the proper maintenance of vehicular and pedestrian traffic during construction, including provision of all required construction warning and detour signs and traffic control devices. Work also includes all incidentals needed to complete the project as shown on the Contract plans, and described in the Specifications and the Technical Specifications or as directed by the Engineer.

Pre-proposal Conference Date and Time: 2/27/2018 1:00:00 pm
Pre-proposal Conference Location: The John Wilson Building 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, Room G9 Washington, DC 20004

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