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The Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP) is required to post contract awards valued at $100,000 or more for agencies served by OCP. The contract awards list contains a caption describing the type of goods or services offered, the contract number, the agency the goods or services are provided for, the contract amount, the period of time covered by the contract award, the company receiving the award, and the market type. You may view a summary list of contract awards. From that list you may click on specific captions for contract award details.

Current contract award postings will remain on the OCP website, for the current fiscal year, from October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010. A request for contract award information outside of a current fiscal year will require a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

To obtain a copy of any contract listed, you may submit a request pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). To submit a FOIA request, please contact: Jossette Mercer,, or in writing to 441 4th Street NW, Suite 700 South, Washington, DC 20001, or via FAX to (202) 727-3229, or telephone (202) 727-0252.

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